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You Should Know Where I’m Coming From


This was a personal collaboration project between my friend and I during our semester abroad. Together, we planned and shot a low-budget, choreography-focused music video set to Bank’s “You Should Know” song over the course of a month that focused on themes of anger, self-loathing, self-reflection, and love. My goal was to choreograph and portray movements and a story that expressed those emotions.

After we chose the song, we sat down and discussed the themes and story we were trying to show as well as possible visual motifs. I choreographed a complete piece for the song that went through several rounds of tweaks before we were both satisfied. Then came location scouting around Hong Kong, buying props and renting filming equipment. We spent about a month shooting the video on our weekends and did several rounds of reshoots after initial filming and editing.

The hardest part of filming the music video — but also the most rewarding — was combining our two fields of experience. I had never acted or danced on film before and she had never filmed dance before, so we both ended up learning a lot from each other and I am incredibly grateful that we pushed each other out of our comfort zones.

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