Carolina Union

Posters, flyers, logo design, banners, handbills, digital and print signage, t-shirts, brochures, installations, illustration, event promotion and marketing, etc.

Client: Carolina Union Communications and Creative Services
Services: Graphic Design

Board of Directors Meeting Room Installation

An example of a long-term project I worked on from ideation to prototyping to final product.

The Request

An elegant installation on the walls of a meeting room that showcased Carolina Union history through the years in a way that was fun and interesting.

The Timeline

  • June 2018 – August 2018
  • Beginning research into UNC library and newspaper archives for material to showcase
  • Several stages of ideation and concept creation followed up with meetings with the director of the union to refine installation parameters, ideas, and logistics

Sketches and Concepts

Final Pieces

An example of one of the installation pieces:

Photos of the whole installation:

Photos by Landon Cooper

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